Welcome to the Wheelchair World.

The purpose of this site is to offer up items of interest from around the web to current wheelchair users as well as to offer independent power wheelchair reviews to consumers in the market for a new motorized wheelchair. Our reviews offer a look at the highlights and (when applicable) the possible low lights of models of electric wheelchairs currently on the market. This site offers reviews spanning a variety of wheelchair manufacturers. Below you will find some helpful links to get you to our reviews sorted by category or manufacturer.



Of course, choosing the power wheelchair most suited for your needs is just half the battle. Once you know which make and model of power chair you are interested in it is time to find a retailer that is offering that chair at a reasonable price without sacrificing reliable customer service.

  When making any major mobility aid purchase, you should be able to find a retailer who offers customers:

* a good selection of manufacturers and models to choose from

* prices set below the suggested manufacturers retail price

* personalized discount offers available upon request

* a price matching guarantee

* free shipping on a major purchase

* easily accessible customer service


 To see examples of online wheelchair retailers who currently match the above standards, just check out any of the advertisers featured on this site.

Because not everyone is alike and not everyone is in the market for the same kind of power chair, we will offer reviews of a variety of power chair models. Of course there are some obvious qualities that should be shared by all power wheelchairs, things such as reliability, consistency of performance and durability should really be a given with all chairs. However, not everybody is looking for the same set of individual features that make every make and model of chair at least a little bit unique. Some consumers are looking for an ‘everyday’ general kind of electric wheelchair that offers a decent level of maneuverability and a design that can stand up to the demands of everyday usage by it’s owner. Other consumers might be looking for a power chair that boasts a higher level of durability, one that can measure up to the higher level of wear and tear or stresses that are caused by regular usage in a more severe or off-road outdoor environment. Still others might be in the market for a more unique build of chair, one that offers the user the ability to raise them self up in the body of the chair to assume an almost standing-like position when desired.  Add into the mix that all of these different categories of chair can be further individualized through customization, with things such as pitch and tilt controls, motorized drainage valve controls, vehicle chasis lighting serving as just a few examples.

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