Useful information about the Jazzy 1122 Electric Wheelchair

Do you typically choose a wheelchair based on its looks or its performance? Because of the large amount of power wheelchairs on the market; it can be a little difficult in figuring out exactly which one would work best for you. This is why figuring out the different features and examining its potential with your lifestyle is highly recommended before purchasing. That being said; the Jazzy 1122 Electric Wheelchair is one of the most researched model currently sold on the market. This is only because of its variety of specialty features and how they can assist in rehabilitation as well as movement.




And What Are Some Of These Features?


First of all; the functionality of this wheelchair is fairly comparable to many others. For instance; it offers the standard choice of 14” solid or pneumatic tires along with an Active-Trac Suspension. These are typically found on most of the Jazzy models. However, the high-speed motor is what allows this model to stand out a bit and when at its peak; can travel up to 6 mph. This is higher than the normal speed found on most power wheelchairs. In fact, there are 2 motors involved with this unit along with a mid-wheel drive and an additional motor package for those that want more. Of course, the weight capacity is 300 lbs and cannot withstand any extra to insure maximum performance.

Also, the Jazzy 1122 Electric Wheelchair is offered with adjustable 6” solid anti-tip castors and are mounted in the front for convenience. And there are also rear castors that are about 8” as well. All of these factors provide safety when traveling. For an added bonus; there is an intelligent braking system along with a single-lever brake release giving you complete control. But, for the small turns; this wheelchair has a 21” radius which is also comparable to other models.


And Does Comfort Play An Important Factor?


The seat itself is adjustable, but doesn’t offer a vertical range to help with rough terrain. However, the sleek design does allow it to look futuristic and offers additional seating features such as the synergy selection for personalized rehabilitation. However, every model is offered with contoured seating for extra cushion. And luckily; the battery charge can last anywhere from 20 – 25 miles with easy access to the plug in located at the front of the wheelchair. The Jazzy 1122 Electric Wheelchair is one of the few models that doesn’t require lifting the seat to access the battery plug in.

As for maximum control; this model is automatically sold with a 70 amp Pilot controller. However, you have the option of a PG remote control or a Dynamic Controller for personalized maneuverability.


These Are All The Facts …


The final decision is solely up to you. It is usually based on average traveled environments, often use, and any specialty features that you may be looking for. However, when referring to the Jazzy 1122 Electric Wheelchair; it is the fastest of its kind. As for durability and performance; that is based on your personal review. Now if you think you are in the market for one of the Pride Jazzy models of power chair, then check out an online retailer who offers consumers both discount pricing and price match guarantees on new wheelchair purchases.