The Viking 4×4 All Terrain Power Wheelchair is Designed for the Outdoors

Viking 4x4 All Terrain Power WheelchairSearching for an appropriate power wheelchair to match your lifestyle can be a bit difficult. Even with the large amount of research that is conducted; it’s best to compare between different models to insure the right fit. Many have recommended the Viking 4×4 All Terrain Power Wheelchair for those that are active. This is solely based on the specifications that this wheelchair provides which has been known to tackle the toughest terrain. And if you’re looking for the facts over biased opinions; then you’ve come to the right place.

So, What Makes This Model Outdoor Worthy?

To start; the four wheel drive that is offered on the Viking 4×4 All Terrain Power Wheelchair gives a maximum boost to handle rough elevation. This combined with the 4” ground clearance has proven its capability for climbing curbs, stairs, and other rocky environments. It can also travel up steep hills ranging up to 36” degrees and is able to withstand sandy beaches because of it. However, because of its ability to handle awkward environments; there is a four piece seat belt option to provide maximum safety.

The seat itself offers a vertical positioning unit which allows you to remain upright regardless of the hill or valley that is traveled. This option is automatically programmed without much tweaking by the rider giving complete control in driving. In fact, the gyroscopic seat and self leveling option also helps to maintain the upright position during rough rides. Even though this option compares with other power wheelchairs on the market; the digital effect provided an added bonus.

Are Those The Only Features That Handle The Rough Terrain?

But, the only way that this model is able to handle the different exotic environments is actually based on its wheels. Instead of having to choose between solid and pneumatic; the Viking 4×4 All Terrain Power Wheelchair actually comes with both set of tires. One being solid and the other considered “All Terrain”. This also allows it to ride on wet sand and still have the ability of turning as quickly as you need. And because of these options; it can also travel up to 4 mph and will hold a battery charge up to 19 miles. The power drive feature is necessary since the overall weight of this wheelchair exceeds over 400 lbs. That being said; the weight limit is maxed out at 300 lbs due to the combined weight as anything more would slow down the machine.

As for handling a tough atmosphere with ease; the arycenter options allows this model to maintain a smooth ride regardless of the bumps. This additional feature will keep the entire wheelchair, including its rider, stay level to the ground.

Is It Truly Versatile?

The bottom line is that the Viking 4×4 All Terrain Power Wheelchair has been specifically designed for outdoor use. However, the array of features that this model offers is clearly intended for an active individual that enjoys having the capability of traveling anywhere without issues. Despite the heavy weight; the hard drive function clearly insures control despite your location. It’s not that it has been rated as the top wheelchair on the market, but does hold many positive influences for those looking for something more.

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