The Versatile Capability of the Jazzy 1120 Electric Wheelchair

When doing research for the best power wheelchair; you have to look for specific features that will benefit your personal life. Some are made specifically for the outdoors while others are known for indoor maneuverability. However, the cost to own two chairs can be very high unless you are able to find one that can handle both. This is where the Jazzy 1120 Electric Wheelchair has made a name for itself having the ultimate options to withstand any environment. Whether it’s indoor or outdoor; the Jazzy 1120 series is specifically made for both allowing you to purchase one wheelchair to use throughout your daily life.


Spill The Beans; What Exactly Makes This Chair Capable For All Of The Above?


Actually, the Jazzy 1120 Electric Wheelchair has one of the most uniquely designed suspensions of any chair on the market. Because of this; it can handle the softest terrain while having the capability of withstanding the toughest as well. It’s a universal product that gives complete control to the user without having to worry about the road towards your final destination. The patented two wheel mid-drive option allows maximum speed and control while maneuvering through any terrain. This can’t be found on many other models making the Jazzy 1120 series a unique and versatile favorite.

Even with the option of indoor mobility and a radius turn under 20”; it doesn’t take away from what it can do outdoors. There are front anti-tip wheels that work with the main wheels and suspension technique to handle the most uneven environment. This includes a ramp option that can sometimes cause trouble when trying to ascend. Luckily; this is easily avoided in the Jazzy 1120 Electric Wheelchair. Because of this unique design; you are able to ride over curbs and rocks that are up to 4 inches without any issues.


It Sounds Like The Tires Are A Winner


It’s true; the wheels are one of the main reasons why this model has been able to handle any type of riding options. With 6” anti-tip wheels, 14” pneumatic drive wheels, and 8” rear casters that prevent hiccups; there are many reason why these wheels have been rated very high in mobility. But, this power wheelchair has more than just wheel options to make it desired. In fact, you can adjust the seat to fit the most comfortable position along with arm rests and foot plates built for any stance.

However, the long lasting battery capability is also what has made this wheelchair top on every list. There are two 12 Volt batteries along with a group of 24 allowing 25 miles of free riding before having to recharge. This means that you can explore many outdoor areas without fear of stalling. The speed alone reaches up to 4.5 mph which indicates that you can keep up with those that are speed walking. You will no longer feel hindered just because you are in a wheelchair; which is how it should be!


The Ending To A Beautiful Thing


It is completely obvious as to why the Jazzy 1120 Electric Wheelchair has been a favorite for many. To find a chair that allows you to enjoy the indoors as well as the out is rare; until the Jazzy 1120 series came to fruition. With the multiple and unique driving options, easy steering, and ability to adjust the seat for maximum comfort; there isn’t anything that this wheelchair can’t do. But, the one thing it does is give you complete control of your life and that alone is priceless.  If you are in the market for a new Pride Jazzy motorized chair, consider an online retailer that offers brand new wheelchairs at prices below suggested retail while also offering customers a lowest price guarantee that could help you save even more money on your next purchase.