The Quickie P200 Wheelchair Review

Quickie P200 WheelchairThe Quickie P200 wheelchair is a powered wheelchair produced by the Sunrise Medical company. This wheelchair has many highly useful capabilities and options that any user will enjoy and appreciate for years down the road- for instance, the ability to adjust its center of gravity combined with its wide drive wheels and knobbed tires provide it with unparalleled stability and safety. Its weight capacity of up to two hundred and fifty pounds demonstrates its durability and power- traits that also contribute to making it an extremely safe and reliable mobility aid. Fortunately, these are not the only perks of the Quickie P200 wheelchair.


What Can It Do?


The Quickie P200 is capable of operation as a powered wheelchair or a standard manually-controlled wheelchair. Whichever mode of operation you prefer, it can deliver high performance and absolutely satisfy your needs. When equipped with its powerful direct-drive motor, it has a range of up to 35 miles before a recharge of the battery is needed. It is highly agile, capable of turning on a dime (with an impressive turning radius of thirty-two inches), and can fit through any doorway with its overall width of twenty four inches. It is piloted with the easy to use QTRONIX remote joystick, and can be controlled with the greatest of ease.


What Are Its Features?


The P200 also has a variety of adjustability options to give the user the greatest possible amount of comfort. The foldable backrest can adjust to any angle from fifty six to one hundred and two degrees, while the rigid seat frame provides the maximum in support and durability. The seat has an adjustable width of fourteen to twenty inches, with the same adjustability options for its front to back depth. The chair back’s height is also adjustable to match your tastes, ranging anywhere from fifteen point five to nineteen point five inches (which, when combined with the adjustable lean, makes for a very comfortable ride).


The Quickie P200 carries other popular traits, such as the elevating leg rest and dynamic stabilizer system. However, outside of these technical options, the P200 has other benefits. The Quickie P200 Wheelchair has a total weight of eighty eight pounds (without the battery), which, when combined with the adjustability options, allows for extreme portability. This is a very important factor in getting it in your car and to places the powerchair itself cannot take you. This means that the P200 allows for the most freedom and mobility possible with a wheelchair- and freedom is the real goal for anyone purchasing a power chair.


A Versatile Wheelchair


As anyone whose injuries or years of experience necessitate mobility assistance knows, having a power chair or wheelchair is all about independence and freedom- being able to get around without having to ask others for assistance. The many abilities and vast adjustability of the Quickie P200 means that the user can get the most freedom possible. This wheelchair works the way you want it, when you want it to, and can adapt to most any lifestyle it encounters. Whatever the user’s needs are, the adaptability of the P200 provides the utmost independence, and ensures that they’ll be getting around for years to come.

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