The Quantum Edge Power Wheel Chair; Aiming For Increased Comfort and Independence

Power wheelchairs allow those people who are unable to walk more independence and mobility than a simple wheelchair. Many power wheelchairs are made for outside as well as inside use. The Quantum Edge Power wheelchair by Pride Mobility is one of those chairs designed to increase independence and mobility for those who need it.


Pride mobility has been designing power wheelchairs and mobility scooters starting in 1986 with power wheelchairs by introducing the Jazzy power wheelchair. In 1992 they increased their line of products to include mobility scooters. The quantum 6 is one of the latest additions to their wheelchair lineup.


Features Of The Quantum Edge Power Wheel Chair

The quantum edge power wheel chair is designed for comfortable use both indoors and outdoors. Here are some of the key features of this chair.

Cushioned back and seat for added comfort

Various incline positions to help prevent pressure sores from sitting too long in one position

Turn radius of 20”

Ground clearance 3”

Weight capacity 300 pounds

moveable footplate


First Impression Of The Quantum Edge Power Wheelchair

The first impression of the Quantum Edge Power Wheelchair is extremely favorable. The chair looks comfortable and seems to have a soft comfortable cushion with lots of padding which only adds to the impression of comfort. It looks sturdily built and seems to have everything one could wish for in a power wheelchair. It certainly looks like it would get around the house and down the road safely.


What The Reviews Have To Say

Various reviews for the Quantum edge power wheelchair seem to be quite mixed with actual users either absolutely loving this chair or being less than impressed. Looking at the various reviews on the different sites the Quantum edge power wheel chair rates an overall 3 1/2 stars out of 5. Here are some actual likes and dislikes that actual users saw when using this chair.


Pros of The Quantum Edge Power Wheelchair

comfortable seating the arm rests are comfortable as well.

Incline positions are nice allowing for change of position

great for indoor use

Easy to manipulate and move around in when indoors


Cons of The Quatum Edge Power Wheelchair

Disappointing for outside use, it doesn’t climb small curbs well and doesn’t do well on grassy areas.

Can be hard to steer on rugs and carpets

wheels stick out too far

poor foot rest



While the Quantum edge power wheelchair seems to be a big hit with many people others find it less than what they expected. While this does seem like a good and functional wheelchair it is advisable for those considering purchasing one to test drive it before buying if at all possible. If you are currently in the market for a power wheelchair, check out this example of an online power wheelchair retailer offering prices far below retail on  a variety of powerchair models, competitive price-matching, free delivery of your wheelchair purchase, as well as a dedicated customer support contact number.