The Quantum 600e Power Wheelchair Gives the Need for Speed


If you’ve been researching power wheelchairs; then you’ve noticed that there are models specifically designed for certain needs. There are companies that invent similar models, but reduce the standard features based on the overall purpose. This is exactly why the Quantum 600e Power Wheelchair has made a debut in motion and that’s in the literal sense. This power chair can withstand more than just a ride around the house. The sleek and innovative design has captured the eye by many while offering the maximum functionality. You can travel the distance when using the Quantum 600e series of electric wheelchairs.


This Sounds Too Good to Be True …


The capability of easily maneuvering through any environment is the main positive attribute. This is contributed by six wheels in various sizes that are designed to withstand the toughest terrain. And with such a sturdy structure; it guarantees the maximum stability during travel. The casters are made from strong nylon and are shaped in spheres providing the best wheel protection. This, of course, is great in preventing wheel hangups which are frustrating to endure. But, the smooth ride is also due to the TRU-Balance Power Positioning System located within the seat. You are able to raise and lower to increase height for maximum control along with adjusting the seat in many different angles for ultimate comfort. This is also why the Quantum 600e Power Wheelchair is utilized in rehabilitation making it medically recommended for many.

The speed is one of the major highlights with this model as well. Because it can handle rough terrain, damaging ground, and high speed capability; there is an additional motor package available for those that are active. This will increase the speed making it extremely efficient for convenient and safe travel. The ATX Suspension is designed to withstand the high speed combination with the rough terrain making the overall experience a very comfortable one. This chair is specifically designed to be used aggressively giving the maximum control for easy handling.


But, is it Just as Easy to Charge as it is to Ride?


Of course; during your research you have probably realized the issue with transportation and use. Some models offer amazing features, but are difficult to charge and store. Luckily; the Quantum 600e Power Wheelchair allows easy access to the battery located in front. This also includes the main charge port found on the side of the chair. They are not hidden behind other parts that can make it difficult to find and use. Best of all; this power wheelchair also provides an off-board charger making it convenient to power up practically anywhere. This is why the Quantum 600 series has been rated as a top contender in the medical use of rehabilitation wheelchairs.


It has Style …


The architectural design was provided for more than just functionality. Quantum understands that a wheelchair is part of your appearance and it should be designed accordingly. The style is modern and futuristic with dark steel to accent certain features. It’s been labeled as an innovative way to establish a wheelchair without having it become an eyesore. In fact, the 600e series has been used as a new example in the design of wheelchairs! Quantum provided the newest fashion and style along with functionality making their brand and series one of the highest rated. So, if it’s time for a change and this is something that you’ve considered; don’t look any further. It’s a great investment in something that you can call your very own. And it’s personalized just for you!

Once you have figured out what model of power chair it is you are looking for, the next question to ask yourself is where I can get it at a decent price? Well, if you are looking for a power wheelchair at a price below the MSR with a comprehensive price match guarantee, free shipping on their power chairs, free in-home one year parts and labor warranty, as well as an offer for advice on using your Medical Insurance coverage, consider looking for an online retailer which offers all of the above to its customers.

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