The Pride Jet 3 Ultra Power Wheelchair Offers Standard and Unique Features

How many different power wheelchair models have you been looking through to find the perfect one? With the array of selection, it can be very difficult to come to a decision. But, understanding the variety of functions and features that each of these chairs offer can really help with making the purchasing process easier. Has the details and specs of the Pride Jet 3 Ultra Power Wheelchair popped up during your search? It should have since this is one of the most popular models from Pride. Even though it has been discontinued; there is still a very high demand for its availability.

So, What Has Made the Pride Jet 3 Ultra Power Wheelchair a Necessity?

This particular series offers many of the standard features that can be found on most of Pride’s models. For instance, the weight capability can withstand 300 lbs because of its strong structure. The drive wheels are 10” with the option of pneumatic or solid along with the usual 8” solid rear castors for sustained mobility. It is highly recommended to choose the pneumatic tires for those that enjoy exploring the outdoors on a regular basis. As for safety; the anti-tip wheels are located in the front of the chair and are 5” solid offering great value.

As for solid movement; it’s been rated as very smooth. The Active-Trac Suspension feature offers a secure ride which increases its stability and function. And with a two-motor, mid-wheel drive option; this wheelchair can move up to 4 mph. However, the ground clearance is much smaller than other electric chairs and clears up to 2.5”. This means that the Pride Jet 3 Ultra Power Wheelchair is mainly used indoors with minimal capabilities to withstand tough terrain. But, the return positive feature offers a 18.5” turning radius that allows maximum movement within small spaces! Even though many users have agreed that this particular model has been known to turn up to 20” because of its compact size.

Does the Pride Jet 3 Ultra Power Wheelchair Provide Convenience?

There are many accessible features on this model that offer complete control and comfort. In fact, the chair itself has been rated as extremely luxurious! This is important for people that use this model as their main wheelchair. The backseat is contoured and composed of vinyl with a choice of either gray or beige. The lighter color will show dirt easily, so keep that in mind when deciding.

But, the actual controls that are located on the arm rest area of the chair is one of its best features. The joystick and controlling options for chair adjustment are all within reaching distance and doesn’t require much strength. In fact, the battery charger is located on the front of the panel and offers a 4 amp standard mount. Plus, it is very easily accessible with its charging dock location. The battery itself includes a two 12 volts, a 32AH, as well as a U-1 allowing a single charge to last 25 miles. This is pretty extravagant for the capability of a simple power wheelchair!

Is It Worth the Value?

Obviously, every wheelchair model has their own specifications, unique features, and reasons for consideration. The Pride Jet 3 Ultra Power Wheelchair offers many of the standard options found on most electric chairs, but still has its own positive attributes. Luckily, there are upgrades available for a leather seat, headrest, weather cover, and rear basket; if you prefer. With this many different features; it clearly explains the popular demand!

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