The Pride Jazzy 614/614 HD In Review

The Pride Jazzy 614/614 HD is a power chair in Pride’s line of mobility products. Jazzy 614 HD is the company’s most advanced heavy duty mobility device. Pride describes the Jazzy 614 as an “innovative and exceptional” device for increasing the mobility of semi- or non-ambulatory individuals. Although it can support a maximum of 300 lbs., it is easy to use. It comes with “state-of-the-art” electronic system, motor and suspension for maneuverability. This model features dual-enhanced motors (in line) and Active-Trac suspension for longer range and improved performance. Compared with other models, the Jazzy 614 has a heavier frame, larger motors and a reduced range per full battery charge. The company claims that the Jazzy 614 is also easy to service because the batteries are located at the back, and you don’t need tools to remove the shroud cover. The Pride Jazzy 614 comes with a 5-year limited warranty on frame and 13-month limited warranty on electronics and drive motors.




The Pride Jazzy 614/614 HD comes with several optional accessories. These include the arm mount saddlebag (small and large) for storing items, cup holder, crutch and cane holder, elevated or swing-away leg rests, heel hoops, oxygen and walker holder, rear basket, weather cover, safety flag and a selection of cushions and backs from Synergy.




Before the Pride Jazzy 614/614 HD can be operated, a mobility device expert must fit the power chair to the user and instruct him or her on its use. In some cases, the user must practice operating the power chair in the presence of a care professional or a trained family member. New users may need some practice to maneuver through different terrains.

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Weight Capacity: 300 lbs

Total Product Weight: 240 lbs

Seat Weight 37 lbs

Seat Type: Medium to High-back

Length: 35.5″ (front riggings not included)

Width: 25.125″

Ground Clearance: 2.25″

Turning Radius: 20″

Top Speed: 4.25 MPH

Maximum Range: 11 to 16 miles (one full charge)

Suspension: Active-Trac

Brakes: Electronic regenerative disc brakes

Drive Train: 2-motor, mid-wheel 6, inline

Colors: Blue and Red




Drive: 14″

Caster: 6″

Anti-tip: 6″




Controller: 50 AMP

Battery Charger: 5 AMP (off-board)

Battery: NF-22 12V x 2



Consumer Reviews


Reviews of the Jazzy 614/614 HD were mixed from users with one month to over a year’s experience with the product.




Reviewers like that the power chair is heavy duty and sturdy but still looks good and is easy to use. Others like the big seat, free wheel feature and the back that folds down completely. Users also like that the chair is easy to take apart and service. A reviewer who has less than a month of experience with the product called it the “best chair” she has ever used.




Some users complain that the Jazzy 614 battery needs “constant” recharging, while others complain about frequent breakdowns. One user said that his chair had to be serviced three times in the first year and that he had to cover the expense most of the time (only once was the item covered by warranty). Another user had problems with the wheels spinning and digging into the ground when moving over carpeted areas and other soft surfaces. The same user said that another person had to push the chair out of the area to get it going again. Other reviewers said they had to switch gears multiple times to go faster.




Reviewers like the Jazzy 614/614 HD for its looks, ease of use and maneuverability despite being a heavy duty mobility device. Other users complain of the constant need to recharge the batteries and difficulty when moving over soft surfaces. A few users complain of frequent breakdowns.

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