The Jazzy 600 electric wheelchair: When big things come in smaller packages

It’s never easy having to rely on something else to move around. Whether you lost some mobility because of age or an illness, you may find yourself unable to do daily tasks such as going to get groceries, cleaning the house or simply walking the dog. That’s why at some point, you may want to consider a wheelchair. However, modern wheelchairs are expensive and offer a wide array of functions which you may or may not need. How do you know which brand to get, or which model responds to your needs best? The Jazzy 600 electric wheelchair, for example, is a nice model that covers a lot of the features someone would need in a wheelchair, and still manages to keep a small form factor, and a low price. Here’s a short review of what this vehicle can offer you.


Small on size – big on features

 The first thing you can notice when looking at the Jazzy 600 is the form factor. It’s fairly small, which has a lot of advantages you may not think about when you first look at buying a wheelchair. The smaller the unit, the easier it can get everywhere. Some of the larger wheelchairs simply can’t get around as well. Here, you really feel like all you have around you is a normal chair. That isn’t to say there aren’t a lot of features hidden in this chair, because there are. First, the chair itself is very comfortable, with a large amount of padding, and it’s customizable as well, with many colors and designs available for those who want to buy one. But that’s only the start. You can get a holding bag to carry a lot of items right next to you on one of the supports, there’s of course a cup holder since every vehicle needs one, there’s a dual crutch and cane holder, elevating leg rests, heel loops, a rear basket, an oxygen tank holder, a walker holder, and much more.


Offering a safe ride

 So as you can see, even though this is a fairly small unit, the amount of optional attachments and accessories is pretty impressive. Through a well designed system, all of the holders and bags can be attached and removed easily, turning a simple chair into a fully featured carrying case. And thanks to the great company behind the Jazzy 600 electric wheelchair, accessories are constantly added to all their models, including a variety of seat cushions to meet every individual needs. Pride puts safety first, and has a long history of providing the best type of safety feature as well, including a waterproof, state of the art control box, along with reinforced wheels and a braking system. They also offer a full weather protection cover, which can be put on top of the chair to keep it dry while stored.


Summary of the Jazzy 600 electric wheelchair

 So if you’re looking for a good wheelchair, one that will not only last you a long time but also feature all the possible accessories, safety and possible addons that you could want, then the Jazzy 600 may be the model for you. It’s available in many colors, so you don’t sacrifice the appearance for comfort or efficiency, and the ratings all seem unanimous. People simply love this wheelchair, since it allows them to give them some of their lost mobility back.

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