The Jazzy 1420 Power Wheelchair Offers Support

There are many factors to take into consideration when searching for the right electric wheelchair. In fact, for those that are a bit on the heavier side; it can be very difficult to find one that can fit the capacity. Luckily; there are chairs that are available such as the Jazzy 1420 Power Wheelchair that can hold up to 500 lbs without reducing its performance. However, it does have many of the same features that can be found on other electric models which makes it a competitor in the industry.

Are These Features The Same?

As with any model; the specifications can vary depending on motor, tires, and other specialty features that are offered. For instance, this particular wheelchair provides two motors for its mid-wheel drive that allows the speed to hit up to 4.5 mph. This is regardless of the weight since the overall base of the chair weighs less than an average one. The baser weighs less than 200 lbs including the battery and is a pretty good light weight comparison. And because of the low amount of pounds; it is able to travel up to 20 miles before needing a charge which can be found with its standard 8 Amp Off-Board charger. As with many models; you do have the option of adding on a 5 Amp on and off board charger for easier access.

The intelligent braking system allows the ride to be smooth along with its ability to handle a 4.5” ground clearance. This makes it suitable for outdoor use along with its Activ-Trac suspension. You have a choice of tires ranging from 14” pneumatic to 14” solid; depending on its overall purpose. This combined with the 9” rear castors and 8” anti-tip wheels also helps with safety. And the turning radius exceeds 24” giving it the ability to turn at a quickness. As you can see; even with the weight limit being around 500 lbs, the Jazzy 1420 Power Wheelchair compares to many other series from Jazzy when it comes to performance.

Doesn’t Comfort Mean Anything?

The ride itself is pretty basic and smooth with the additional features that help with performance. But, the seat offers some pretty optional choices as well. It can be power elevated with the touch of a button along with an optiona; 70 Amp remote control for steering. This particular model offers easy access with the controls right from the chair itself. The seat is contoured to provide comfort while traveling along with the option to recline backwards up to 20”. There are additional options available for seating which includes the Synergy Seat and the Tru-Balance 2 that allows extra reclining. Plus, the width exceeds 18” giving plenty of room for practically everyone.

Bigger Doesn’t Always Mean Better

Some people truly look for a bigger machine to help with handling the additional weight, but that isn’t always the case. Based on the specifications of the Jazzy 1420 Power Wheelchair; you aren’t always destined to have a bulkier machine to withstand the extra pounds. In fact, all that you need is to understand the different features from various models to find the one that will fit you perfectly.

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