The Jazzy 1107 Power Wheelchair is a Light Weight Dream

Just because you’re in a wheelchair doesn’t mean that your thirst for life has to cease, right? This is why the Jazzy 1107 Power Chair was created with easy disassembling capabilities to make traveling a little more bearable. However, there are many transporting chairs that have limited ability to handle regular terrain; until now. Jazzy has the theory that just because it is easily taken apart doesn’t mean it should take away from its features that allow it to be versatile. So, not only does it look pretty comfortable, but there are additional things that make it stand out.

So, What Does This Model Actually Entail?

To start; this particular series is known as the “Take Apart” model because of the easy clasps and light weight pieces that it holds. In fact, the entire weight of the Jazzy 1107 Power Chair is under 190 lbs insuring that travel is convenient. Even with the low weight; it can still hold up to 300 lbs while providing its maximum capabilities. But, the one thing that makes this particular model stand out is its ability to handle rough terrain regardless of being light weight. This includes the driving tires being a standard 10” pneumatic along with anti-tip tires and solid castors hitting about 8”. And similar to many Jazzy models; it also offers the infamous Advanced Active-Trac suspension to provide a smooth ride over tough environment. Of course, the aluminum frame and instant locking capability also makes it very sturdy as well. But, because of it’s two-wheel motor; the top speed hits around 4.5 mph allowing you to easily keep up with friends. As for indoor use; the turning radius is at 20 inches giving it the ultimate control of maneuverability. It’s an all around convenient technique that allows this chair to be versatile in many aspects.

Great Speed and Transportation; What About Comfort?

Obviously, Jazzy took pride in creating a series that can be transported easily without losing any of a power wheelchair’s positive features. There are some models currently being sold that can offer the same disassembling requirements, but reduce the functionality of the overall machine. However, since the Jazzy 1107 Power Wheelchair is able to provide great maneuverability; there had to be something to give. In order to keep the transportable pieces at a convenient weight; the chair itself is a bit smaller than most models. However, with the standard contoured seating; it is still able to provide maximum comfort based on many reviews.

Even the dimensions are a bit smaller including 18” of seating width and 16” of height. This is also important to know prior to purchasing to configure storage and transportation possibilities. But, the charging option is one of its most convenient features. There are battery packs hidden on the chair that allow it to travel up to 25 miles per charge. These are entailed with two 12-Volt batteries, but allow the sight of a module and harness to be unseen. Because of this; the actual charging mechanism is different than most models also allowing its light weight feature for transportation.

Obviously, there are many different features for the Jazzy 1107 Power Wheelchair that support its title as the “Take Apart” chair. However, just because of an easy disassembling option; it doesn’t mean that you have to sacrifice functionality. But, the good news is that you are able to live life at ease with this light weight option.

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