The Features of the AXS 8000 Power Wheelchair are its Major Selling Points

Saying ‘hello’ to a Feature-Rich Wheelchair


There are many different power wheelchairs on the market that have special features to persuade you into purchasing their brand. And with the array of options that are offered; it can be very difficult to choose which one will be more beneficial for your lifestyle. Because of this; it is highly recommended to practice a few comparisons to really breakdown the additional features especially if you have something particular in mind. There are outdoor and indoor preferred models that can be purchased to make your travel easier. This includes the AXS 8000 Power Wheelchair with maximum radius capability making it convenient to turn in small spaces. It’s a common model found within the home that offers an option to head outdoors, but still serves its purpose for those that are active.


Lightweight Versatility


So, what makes the AXS 8000 Power Wheelchair one of the highlighted models on the market? First off; this is a very lightweight wheelchair with the maneuverability option that doesn’t compare to any other. The joystick capability is easily accessed allowing complete control while on the go. Whether you’re moving forward or backward; the turning capability needs about 29 inches making it one of the most versatile power chairs currently being sold. As for the ride; the mid-wheel drive makes this chair a smooth option.


Reassuring Seating


The captains chair has maximum comfort with specialized cushions specifically designed for those that need to sit for extended periods of time. This functionality along with the adjustable foot rests are one of the reasons why the AXS 8000 has been identified as pure comfort. The seat itself is wide and sturdy enough to hold up to 250 lbs with the option for adjusting the back seat. This is perfect for those that need to sit in a certain position for rehabilitation purposes. For many people; this alone has been the major selling point especially because it provides ultimate control along with comfort.


Lightweight in Design – not in Performance


However, because this wheelchair is a lightweight; transportation is also pretty convenient. The AXS 8000 Power Wheelchair can be disassembled into five portions allowing for easy storage and transportation which is extremely important in an accessible wheelchair. Even though the sharp radius and maximum turning capability is perfect for the indoors; having the option for travel is at the top of its list. And you don’t have to worry about function while riding around. There are three sets of puncture-proof tires making it nearly impossible to suffer from a flat. This option combined with the power steering allows for the ultimate ride regardless of the environment.




As you can see; these major features is what has made the AXS 8000 Power Wheelchair a hot commodity in the industry. Every wheelchair has many different options that can benefit those looking for something particular and a large portion of them offer the same features as this one. But, the difference lies within the name and reviews. As far as this model is concerned, many people are very pleased with the outcome of their own personal experience. So, while you’re comparing the variety of models that are currently being sold; you have to ask yourself if this power wheelchair is a contender. If it is; then you’re on the right track to finding the perfect one.

Once you have figured out what model of power chair it is you are looking for, the next question to ask yourself is where I can get it at a decent price? Well, if you are looking for a power wheelchair at a price below the MSR with a comprehensive price match guarantee, free shipping on their power chairs, free in-home one year parts and labor warranty, as well as an offer for advice on using your Medical Insurance coverage, consider looking for an online retailer like this one which offers all of the above to its customers.

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