The Exact Features of the Quantum 1121 Power Wheelchair

With the array of power wheelchairs on the market; the additional features and extras can be a little confusing. However, as long as you take the time to understand the techniques and uses that each one can offer; you have a better chance of choosing the correct choice for you. A great example is the Quantum 1121 Power Wheelchair with personalized options to match any personal preference. It’s not that this particular model has been rated high; it actually results in a company that has been around for years.

So, What Does This Model Offer?

First off; the unique design that the Quantum 1121 Power Wheelchair offers provides an adaptable combination of maneuverability and functionality. The performance is rated high amongst the other models that are currently on the market based on the additional features that are offered. The design is very sleek allowing the ultimate chance of maneuverability while still providing comfort. It can hold up to 300 lbs without dampening its riding effect that can hit up to 5 mph. And because the turning radius is around 22.5”; you are also able to turn in very small spaces making it convenient for indoor use. However, due to the ground clearance exceeding 3” from the ground; you are also able to use it outdoors as well.

There is a choice when referring to the driving wheels which can either be 14” pneumatic or 14” solid. This is based on your personal preference and the atmosphere that it will be mostly used with. Plus, the castor wheels are provided in an 8” solid choice along with anti-tip wheels that offer a very smooth ride. In other words; the Quantum 1121 Power Wheelchair matches many other models on the market when it comes to riding ability.

The Drive Can’t Be The Only Thing On This Model, Can It?

Even with all of these drivable features; there are other things that the 1121 series offers as well. You can use a 70 Amp Remote Control or Microdrive attached directly to the chair for easy steering along with the choice of using intelligent controlling as a specialty option. The model has been designed to handle multiple attachments for rehabilitation as well. The intelligent braking system can be found on many different power wheelchairs along with this one and has been able to provide maximum maneuverability.

As for its battery life; the charge can last up to 20 miles and is able to be charged directly from the battery infused ramp or plugged in when it isn’t used. In fact, the standard battery charger is the 8 Amp Off-Board Ramp, again, found on many of these power wheelchair models. You do have the option of adding on a 5 Amp on and off charger for additional use. However, as far as comfort is concerned; the Quantum 1121 Power Wheelchair has an option for seat elevation based on a single tap of a button. Plus, it is able to extend backwards up to 18” for reclining purposes. Luckily; you are able to add on specialty seating options for those that may need more stability.

Is There A Final Conclusion?

The fact is that the Quantum 1121 Power Wheelchair has many different features that match other models on the market. But, the name itself is what has made it famous simply because of how long Quantum has been in business. The specialty features and options allow you to personalize the chair including the array of colors that are available. All of this is offered directly through Quantum.

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