The Easy Disassembling of the Pride Jet 7 Power Wheelchair

Have you been looking for the most accessible wheelchair available specifically for stress free transportation? With the array of availability on the market; finding one with great features is fairly easy. However; the overall weight and product advancements are always something to look into. This was the main reason why the Pride Jet 7 Power Wheelchair was created since Jazzy believes that life shouldn’t stop or be altered when mobility issues arise. This particular model is able to be disassembled into seven parts with the heaviest piece weighing a simple 32 pounds. It is one of the major highlights offered by this series for the most basic transportation.

What Are Some Other Features Available?

First off; the only way that you can truly find the best chair for your personal lifestyle is by looking at the variety of features and comfort options. As for the Pride Jet 7 Power Wheelchair; the obvious highlight is its assembling variation. However, this doesn’t take away from its driving capability. For instance; it still offers a two-motor hard drive option for maximum power. Plus, the center of gravity is lower than the average chair making the ride as stable as possible. And it’s mid-wheel design for driving offers outstanding maneuverability with the maximum speed hitting up to four mph. This is often why this particular model is chosen; for it’s great mobility along with its easy assembling options and transportation.

However, there are other features that the Pride Jet 7 Power Wheelchair offers which has grasped many consumer’s attention. It has 10” drive wheels, 8” solid rear castors, and limited suspension ability. This means that it can be used outdoors, but on a limited basis. This is due to the ground clearance being about 2”. In other words; the roughest terrain may not be something that this chair can handle, but it can easily keep up with a day in the park. Luckily; it does offer the Intelligent Braking system, like most of the Jazzy series, for maximum safety. The turning radius, however, is under 17” making it one of the most versatile chairs on the market. The tightest turn holds a small match especially when indoors.

What About Comfort and Battery Life?

The power of a wheelchair is always important, but what about comfort? As with most of the Jazzy series; it automatically comes with a standard contoured medium-back chair. There haven’t been any complaints regarding the seat, but there also isn’t anything additional that can be purchased. It’s a pretty basic chair. The battery life, however, is higher than most and can last up to 25 miles before recharge. This is largely due to the double 12-Volt U-1 battery that is conveniently located on the side of the chair. There is a ramp that can be used as a base charger, again, making it extremely convenient during travel. And because of all the additional features; it is one of the reasons why the Pride Jet 7 Power Wheelchair is one of the most versatile chairs strictly for transportation.

Sometimes it isn’t the extra features and fancy controls that makes the perfect power chair. For those that remain active; it is the easy assembly, light weight value, and simple transporting techniques that please many consumers. Based on these facts; what is your opinion?

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