Take Control of the Wheel with a Quickie Ti Wheelchair

Finding the most comfortable and functional wheelchair is something that many hope to achieve. Since being active is a daily routine; there has to be something available that can benefit while making it easier. This is one of the main reasons why Quickie Ti Wheelchair was created and has taken the medical community by surprise. With the features that this wheelchair provides; it has allowed many to play sports, be active, and is common supporter of the Special Olympics.


Why is It so Worldly Popular?


First off; the is an extremely lightweight product. This means that travel, movement, and functionality is very easy to achieve while being active. Because it is made from Titanium; the Quickie Ti Wheelchair is one of the lightest and most flexible products around. The titanium is known to absorb shock and can handle the weight and movement. This is why it known for providing a very smooth ride. And due to its light weight; it is easily manageable giving you some control. Plus, titanium is three times stronger than aluminum making it very strong and safe. With only a 1” inch cylinder as the main frame; it’s an all around comfortable wheelchair that allows for strenuous movement without the additional weight as a disadvantage.


But, having the advantage of titanium and weight isn’t the only thing that makes this wheelchair exceptional. The Quickie Ti Wheelchair offers a pivot adjuster that eliminates the castor around the wheels. With this new form of technology; their engineers have been able to create an internal castor fork that connects directly to the frame. This prevent excess weight on the wheels itself that often cause jerking or slowing down.


So, Where is the Comfort?


This is actually the best part. Because of the flexibility that the frame provides; the Quickie Ti Wheelchair offers over 4,000 different frame positions to perfectly fit any body stature. Don’t worry; they have managed to make it adjustable using 6 different options that will easily configure the appropriate settings. Their developers made a point to appease every body type to insure maximum comfort. However, due to the vast functionality of this lightweight chair; the seat itself is thin and without cushion. So; it is highly recommended to use a different and more suitable chair for everyday use whereas this one should be used in active cases. As a positive note; you can actually adjust the back length, neck height, and width to make it more convenient for size as well.


Does Storing Ever Cause an Issue?


Storing is actually the easy part. It is usually the transportation that becomes a common concern. The Quickie Ti Wheelchair features fold down handles that allow the entire piece to lay completely flat. This prevents it from catching on items while being pulled out from storage. As for transportation; when it is completely folded, it is the size of a common briefcase with the lightweight to match. Remember; the hollow titanium allows this wheelchair to be manageable even while transporting.


As you can see, the Quickie Ti Wheelchair offers many positive attributes to those that enjoy being active. You can spin, pivot, race, and function during any sporting activity which is why it has become so popular. And with this new product introduction; you can now have that option as well.


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