Stand and See the World with the Permobil C500 Power Wheelchair

The average wheelchair typically allows great comfort, easy steering, maximum functionality, and of course; many different options that gives you ultimate control. After all; this is exactly what you look for when trying to find the perfect one. However, with the additional features that are being added due to the advancement in technology; the average wheelchair is no longer just a chair. In fact, the Permobil C500 Power Wheelchair has taken technology to the highest level with the extra options that can’t be found in any other product.


Permobil Technology Rising Above


So, what exactly is different about this chair compared to others? To start; did you know that with the simple touch of a button, you are able to stand? Everyone knows that Permobil is a company that takes pride in their product and does everything that they can to give back some control. The positioning of the seat can be adjusted to fit any style which includes the option to stand. And while you’re in that position; the Permobil C500 Power Wheelchair is still fully drivable. This means that you can technically move while standing giving the illusion of walking! Plus, many people love the concept of being able to look at someone in the eye during conversation giving a sense of empowerment. Even if you choose not to stand; you can still hit another button that will raise your seat allowing you to reach in high places without asking for help. It’s an all around model providing the best sense of control for anyone.


Tight and Comfortable Control


Of course; the standing feature is a major highlight of this model, but not the only one. This chair is largely capable of maneuvering without much space with a turning radius needing only 28 inches. The speed can hit up to 5 mph, however, if you choose to add on the additional feature of power speed; you can actually increase that to 7 mph. The driving capability is possible regardless of what position the seat is in. This, of course, is perfect for riding in comfort.


Power and control


The battery life is known to last for many hours while the option for charging can be done with ease. There is also an option to plug in or a charging station perfect for still positioning; regardless, you have the control to choose. The four wheel settings are strong and can handle the toughest terrain while the starting and stopping option can be accessed with ease. The foot plates and arm rests are adjustable especially due to the high technology found within the seat. And the storage features that are located throughout the chair will make it your personal bag without having to purchasing additional extras that can be very costly in the end.


In summary


As you can see; the Permobil C500 Power Wheelchair is a step up from the previous models. This doesn’t mean that it is better, but it does indicate that there are additional options available for those that look for more out of their wheelchair. Because this is such an important purchase; doing your research and finding one that has all of the capabilities that you are looking for is extremely vital in finding the perfect one. But, if you’re searching for something that still allows you to have full control of your life; the Permonil C500 series is your best bet.

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