Permobil C300 Power Wheelchair is the Ultimate!

It can be very difficult to find a wheelchair that can offer comfort and functionality into one great package. With the array of styles that are on the market, the research alone can be confusing. Luckily; the Permobil C300 Power Wheelchair has all of the qualities that you have been searching for. This isn’t one wheelchair alone; this is an entire series that is designed to fit specific needs. The overall frame is smaller than the average wheelchair with a strong support system. This is why it is recommended for indoor use. However, because of the high demand for functionality; it does provide a strong enough chassis to support relaxed outdoor use as well.


What Does this Series Offer?


There are many different Permobil power wheelchair products within the C300 series. For those that are just starting out; the Permobil C300 PS has minimal technology making it the easiest to control. The tubing and frame is built strong to support 300 lbs and can move up to 5 mph. Best of all; the seating can be adjusted with four different options insuring maximum comfort.

However, the most common Permobil C300 Power Wheelchair is the Corpus series. This particular wheelchair offers a smaller frame designed for mobility. The large wheels towards the back are also strong enough to support outdoor use as well. The seating features an Ergonomic design that provides the ultimate comfort for any body type. But, the seating capability itself is what has made the Corpus series famous. The modular seating is built with maximum flexibility which supports during extreme movement. This alone has made Permobil widely known.

The additional products with the C300 serious includes the Corpus Jr and Corpus 3G. The Jr is a bit smaller than the regular Corpus while the 3G provides the same comfort with little technology. It’s extremely similar to the PS version, but features the infamous Ergonomic seat design that the Corpus serious offers.



The Accessories are the Bells and Whistles


Comfort and functionality are both priorities in finding the best wheelchair. And thanks to accessories; the convenience is now a major factor. The Permobil C300 Power Wheelchair is able to provide both especially with the additional features. For instance, the tray table that can easily slide out also offers a joystick used for steering. Not to worry; you also have the option of using the joy stick to the side if you’re looking for a clear path. For the ultimate driving experience; using the Tablet pad, which is similar to a touch pad on a laptop, is an amazing and easy way to steer.

The hooks and medical bag that are located on the back are convenient for storing while the pouch armrest makes it easy for access while sitting down. And when it gets dark outside, you can use the lighting system for personal use or to light the way for travel. The additional accessories are for maximum comfort with cushioned leather arms, adjustable seating options, and neck chair support. These are just a small example of the different accessories that this series provides.



It’s More than Just a Wheelchair


You already know the importance of loving your wheelchair. It can be built and programmed to benefit your personal needs. These desires are what created the Permobil C300 Power Wheelchair. With the different adjustable features, power and convenient steering, accessories, and specialty design; it’s hard to ignore its true purpose. Once you’ve experience it; it’s a guarantee that you won’t look anywhere else.

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