The Jazzy 600 electric wheelchair: When big things come in smaller packages

It’s never easy having to rely on something else to move around. Whether you lost some mobility because of age or an illness, you may find yourself unable to do daily tasks such as going to get groceries, cleaning the house or simply walking the dog. That’s why at some point, you may want to consider a wheelchair. However, modern […]

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The Jazzy 1107 Power Wheelchair is a Light Weight Dream

Just because you’re in a wheelchair doesn’t mean that your thirst for life has to cease, right? This is why the Jazzy 1107 Power Chair was created with easy disassembling capabilities to make traveling a little more bearable. However, there are many transporting chairs that have limited ability to handle regular terrain; until now. Jazzy has the theory that just […]

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The Easy Disassembling of the Pride Jet 7 Power Wheelchair

Have you been looking for the most accessible wheelchair available specifically for stress free transportation? With the array of availability on the market; finding one with great features is fairly easy. However; the overall weight and product advancements are always something to look into. This was the main reason why the Pride Jet 7 Power Wheelchair was created since Jazzy […]

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