Nothing Compares to the Pride Jazzy 600 Power Wheelchair’s Driving Capability

When searching for the best wheelchair; finding one that won’t hinder your travels is exceptionally important. This is why the Pride Jazzy 600 Power Wheelchair has become a top contender for those that love to explore the outside world without having any riding issues. This particular model has changed the lives of many and if you’ve been looking for something with a little pep in its step; then there isn’t any reason to look further.


So What Makes This Power Wheelchair Versatile?


First off; the Pride Jazzy 600 Power Wheelchair has been proven to have an aggressive performance due to its ATX Active-Trac. The suspension alone offers additional stability allowing the ride to overcome any obstacle. This means that you are able to ride through the toughest terrain without feeling the bouncing affect over every rock and hill. This is partly due to the tires as well as the multiple casters that can handle just about any style of road. You have a choice between pneumatic tires that are built for a rough exterior or solid tires that can withstand the indoors and out. It’s an overall choice that can be built for anyone.

The OMNI-casters are also known to drop down over the roughest road allowing the ride to be as smooth as possible regardless of the environment. There are eleven in total; six in the back and five in the front for the best mobile capability. And for those that are curious about the maneuvering options; the mid-wheel 6 technology allows this wheelchair to overcome up to 3 inches of terrain without any hesitation. This means that you can’t feel a thing when riding over rocks and gravel! It’s the smoothest ride on the market today.


Driving Can’t Be Its Only Feature, Right?


But, the smooth traveling methods of the Power Jazzy 600 Power Wheelchair isn’t the only thing that makes this a desired model. The small design and turning radius also allows it to be active and comfortable. This means that even the smallest places aren’t a match for what this power wheelchair is capable of. The battery charge allows you to travel up to 20 miles before having to recharge and the reclining option of the chair offers complete comfort while doing so. Even with it’s adjustable armrests and large flat foot holders; you can literally conform the seat into the perfect position for the longest ride. It also can hold up to 300 lbs and comes in an array of colors to match any personality.

As for the controls; there are specialty options for those that need extra assistance. However, the steering location is easily accessible allowing controlled steering along with an intelligent braking option that helps to prevent accidents. These are electronic in design along with disc brakes when the battery is low. In other words; Pride has taken additional steps in making this functional regardless of the daily situation.


Is It Really Too Good To Be True?


To answer that question; the simple statement is no. The Pride Jazzy 600 Power Wheelchair has always been a contender in the wheelchair industry, but with its new advancements in technology; it has taken the market by storm. Just because you are wheelchair bound doesn’t mean that your life should suffer because of it. This power chair clearly proves that to be true despite any medical or standard issues. So, if you have always been active and are looking for a chair that won’t hinder your adventurous side; you shouldn’t look any further. Of course, based on this information; why would you?

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