Liberty 321 Power Chair: Comfort Of A Chair Mobility Of A Scooter

Liberty 321 Power ChairIn the not so good old days people who were confined to wheelchairs or had difficulty walking for long periods of time were often confined to their homes or had to rely on friends or relatives to get out and about. This severely limited their ability to be independent and enjoy their lives. However, with the advent of power wheelchairs and electric scooters freedom is possible even for those with limited walking abilities. The Liberty 321 Power chair offers you the comfort of a well designed wheelchair and the mobility of an out door scooter.



Features Of The Liberty 321 Power chair

The liberty 321 power chair has plenty of features that makes this chair both comfortable and extremely functional. These features include:


Swivel seated captain’s chair makes getting in and out of the chair easier.

Adjustable arm rest

elevating leg rest

Rear wheel drive

300 pound capacity

Off board charger

ten inch drive wheels and 8 inch castors

Maximum speed 5 miles per hour


First Impression Of The Liberty 321

The first impression of the Liberty 321 is that this is an extremely sturdy looking chair that also has a nice cushioned seat that appears to be extremely comfortable. The ten inch wheels are large enough to navigate outside and over small curbs with ease.


What The Reviews Have To Say

There seems to be few if any reviews to be found for the Liberty 321 power chair. Making it difficult for those wanting to know what the pros and cons of this chair might be. The lack of reviews is not necessarily a bad thing as this means that those who purchased this chair must find them a good chair as most users are quick to post reviews for products that fall short of their expectations. In addition, if one looks around there are many people who are out and about using this model of power chair which is in of itself a testimonial to how this chair performs.


Before Buying The Liberty 321

The absence of reviews makes it difficult, but not impossible for those looking into purchasing this chair to determine if this chair is right for them. However, when contacting a deal who sells the Liberty 321 ask them how many of these chairs they have sold and if they could give you some references from actual people who have purchased this chair. Most companies will be happy to do so as they probably have several satisfied customers they can use as references.


You simply need to look over the Liberty 321 to tell that this chair is designed with an eye to detail and comfort and is sturdy and can easily serve as both a comfortable wheelchair and mobility scooter. Once you have figured out what model of power chair it is you are looking for, the next question to ask yourself is where I can get it at a decent price? If you are currently in the market for a power wheelchair, check out this example of an online power wheelchair retailer offering prices far below retail on  a variety of powerchair models, competitive price-matching, free delivery of your wheelchair purchase, as well as a dedicated customer support contact number.

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