Jazzy 1170 Power Chair Review

For those people who weight over 300 or 350 pounds and require the assistance of a wheelchair they can find themselves extremely frustrated as most wheelchairs are not designed for people over these weights. However, the Jazzy 1170 power chair changes all that. This power chair is designed to easily carry weights of up to 500 pounds and is designed for both indoor and outdoor use.


Features Of The Jazzy1170 XL Power Chair

The Jazzy power chair has some very nice features including:

2 inline motors

8” castors in the front and 9” back castors

active trac suspension

rear access to batteries

The seat is 28 inches wide and 26 inches deep for more comfort

The chair offers a 4 inch ground clearance

It can go up to 15 miles on a full battery charge

It also travels at 4.25 miles an hour

First Impressions

The first impression of the Jazzy 1170 Power chair is that this is a power wheelchair designed to go just about anywhere. The construction of this chair seems extremely sturdy and the 4 inch clearance should allow this chair to go over uneven ground and over curbs with relative ease. It is also designed to turn in tight place making it a good chair for inside the home as well for outside mobility.


What The Reviews Had To Say

While it took some digging to actually find some reviews for the Jazzy 1170 XL once found they were definitely worth reading. Most actual users of this chair either gave the chair 4 or 5 stars out of 5 stars and raved about how well they they could get around using this chair. It seems that most users agreed that this chair gave them increased freedom and comfort. One of the users even mentioned having this chair for 5 years and that it will still growing strong.


Pros of The Jazzy 1170 Power Chair

Made for people up to 500 pounds

nice speed for crossing the road

increased mobility

goes some places other power chairs just can’t go

Easy to control and manipulate

Cons of The Jazzy Power Chair

cost. Unless your insurance pays for this power chair it may simply be beyond some people’s reach.

Limited warranty on certain parts.



With so few power chairs on the market today that can accommodate people over 500 pounds it is nice to find one that is especially designed to help the large person have more freedom and mobility allowing for them to live more independent lives. The chair seems to be sturdy and well made and the reviews for this chair are exceptionally good. The only real drawbacks seem to be the price which is quite steep and the fact that a chair that costs around $5000.00 has such a limited warranty on some of the important parts. If possible those wishing or needing to buy this chair should consider getting an extended warranty as this is an expensive chair to have replace if the motors or other important parts should fail.

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