Jazzy 1103 Ultra Electric Wheelchair Review

Jazzy 1103 Ultra Electric WheelchairIf you are in the market for a versatile electric wheelchair with many useful features, the Jazzy 1103 Ultra Electric Wheelchair may be the wheelchair you’ve been looking for. Available in a variety of color, this wheelchair has an onboard battery charger and a speed range of up to four miles per hour. It operates on a mid-wheel drive mechanism, which allow for more maneuverability. The traction on this wheelchair is top notch, given the weight distribution and the ten-inch knobby drive wheels. The mid-wheel drive coupled with a quality two motor design makes this product a competitive force in the market.


What are its main features?

The Jazzy 1103 Ultra Electric Wheelchair operates on a 12-volt, U-1 battery, with an attached standard battery charger. It has a weight capacity of 250 pounds, and offers a high back for a more comfortable ride. The seating is also made for comfort and can be adjusted width and depth-wise. The seat width can be adjusted from thirteen inches to twenty inches, while the seat depth can be adjusted from ten inches to eighteen inches. This versatility will ensure most passengers a smooth and comfortable experience.


What colors is the Jazzy 1103 available in?

As mentioned earlier, this wheelchair is available in a number of colors. The standard choices are gray and beige. However – if you’re feeling bold – this wheelchair also comes in a bright red, blue, teal and purple hue. For a more mellow but unique tone, try the darker green version. With so many color options, every user is bound to find something that is right for them.


Jazzy 1103’s Other Great Features

This wheelchair offers a power-elevated seat, allowing for tailored adjustments. Users are able to elevate themselves up to six inches without needing to stand for this process. With just the tug of a switch, you can have this wheelchair tailored to a comfortable height. It has a eighteen-inch turn radius, adding to its ease of maneuverability. The Jazzy 1103 also features intelligent braking, allowing for more safety with its disk-park braking system. It smaller and more compact make allows its users easier movement and more control over their wheelchair.


Along with all of these great built-in features, the Jazzy 1103 offers useful accessories that come with this wheelchair as well. Some of the well-though out options include a cup holder, an oxygen tank holder, a crutch or cane holder, and a basket that can be placed at the back of the wheelchair. It also has adjustable arm rests to ensure a proper fit.


A Great Buy


With all of these useful features, it’s no wonder the Jazzy 1103 Ultra Electric Wheelchair is a favorite among many wheelchair users. Not many wheelchairs offer this much versatility, making the Jazzy 1103 an attractive choice in wheelchairs. With its compact design, power elevation and excellent turning radius, users are offered a smooth ride with a sleek feel. Those looking for a comfortable experience should give the Jazzy 1103 a try.

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