Jazz Up Your Life With A Pride Jazzy Select 14 Power Wheelchair

For over a decade pride mobility has been making it possible for those who find it difficult or impossible to walk to live an independent lifestyle and go about their daily business of living in comfort and style. The Pride Jazzy select 14 is one of a long line of mobility scooters this company has been creating since 1992. These scooter like all the other pride scooters is designed to broaden the horizons who find it difficult to complete those chores or activities that require long periods of walking or standing.

Features of the Jazzy Select 14

There are several features of the Pride Jazzy select 14 that makes this a great chair for almost anyone who wants increased mobility. Here are just some of the features of this mobility scooter.:




  • Mid wheel drive helps to turn in tight places
  • 14 inch knobby tires for a smooth ride inside or outside
  • 15 miles on a single battery charge
  • adjustable arm rests
  • On board charger
  • 300 pound weight capacity
  • travels at 4.5 miles per hour
  • 5 year warranty
  • 1 year in home service


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First Impressions

The design of the Pride Jazzy Select 14 makes it obvious that this power wheelchair scooter would be great for those who have limited space in their home. The mid wheel drive and the narrow design makes the Jazzy select 14 perfect for small homes and apartments, while the knobby tires and solid design makes it practical for outside use.


Benefits of the Jazzy Select 14

The Pride Jazzy select 14 has several benefits. These benefits include.

  • This power chair fits perfectly in tight places and turns on a dime.

The ability to go 15 miles on a single charge ensures that users of this chair is not going to be left stranded in the middle of the sidewalk or a grocery aisle.

This power wheelchair/scooter also accommodates weights up to 300 pounds which makes it useful for more people

Since the Jazzy select 14 travels at speeds 4.5 miles an hour it will help people complete tasks faster than many other scooters.

With one full year of in home service and a 5 year warranty for this scooter keeping your scooter well maintained and functional will be easier and less worrisome.



The Pride Jazzy select 14 has much to offer those who need and want increased mobility, but live in places with limited space. This power wheelchair works perfectly for those living in small homes who want and need both an inside and outside wheelchair. Remember, the Pride Jazzy Select 14 is now available at  a price below regular retail from a retailer who offers a wide selection of power wheelchairs, all at discounted prices along with a price matching guarantee as well as offering advice on how to deal with any potential Medicare insurance claims. These wheelchair savings and more can be seen by following this link.

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