It’s Compact, It’s Versatile, It’s the Jazzy 610 Power Chair

   There are many wheelchair manufacturers that offer multiple main designs within a series.  For example; the Jazzy 610 Power Chair is from Pride’s Jazzy 600 collection and has many standard and unique features that can be found within them all.  However, with each new model and number change; there are additional features that can be personalized for practically any lifestyle.  This is why deciding on a power wheelchair can be difficult especially when you have a favorite series in mind. 


So, Why Is the Jazzy 610 Power Chair A Highlight?

   First off; it’s important to understand the standard features that are offered with the Jazzy 600 series from Pride.  They are known for their compact frames, unique six wheel mid-drive, and additional features for stability.  This also includes the ATX Active-Trac that helps with a smooth ride along with the eleven castors; six in the rear with five in the front for the toughest terrain.  In fact, it can climb curbs up to 4 inches and handle some of the roughest environment with its main drive wheels.  All of these amazing features can be found on any power wheelchair within the Jazzy 600 series.

     However, there are a few things that stand out when dealing with the Jazzy 610 Power Chair.  After all; it’s a completely different model with specialty and medical conditions in mind.  For instance; it is a bit more compact compared to the rest of the series for easier mobility.  The radius capability is just above 21 inches making the tightest spot an achievable obstacle.  Its wheels are 10 inches in diameter and you have the choice between pneumatic and solid depending on how often you enjoy the outdoors.  The Jazzy 610 Power Wheelchair also offers intelligent braking making it safe and fun to drive without fear of crashing or stalling.  It’s an all around favorite for those that love to explore.

Is That The Only Difference?

   And because this particular model is a bit more compact compared to its cousins in the 600 series; there are a few other things that help it stand out.  For instance; the speed hits up to 4mph allowing you to keep up with the most active group along with the choice between foot rigs or a foot plate for maximum comfort.  The contoured seat can recline and be adjusted to fit any shape and size offering the best position for maximum control.  Best of all; you are able to travel up to 15 miles before having to recharge the battery that is conveniently located on the side of the chair.  This is partially due to a double 12 Volt battery along with a U1 grouping.  Without it; you wouldn’t be able to get very far.

As you can see; despite all of the electric wheelchairs on the market; the Jazzy 610 Power Chair clearly takes the cake.  It’s more compact for easy manoeuvrability, can be used to travel the world, and is also available for those that would rather stay indoors.  It’s a very versatile machine that most of all; has been rated as a top contender amongst the rest.  So, if you’ve been researching for the perfect one that will fit your personal needs; you have stumbled across one of the best.

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