Invacare Power 9000 Electric Wheelchair Review

Invacare Power 9000For those on the market for a durable wheelchair, many end users have said the Invacare Power 9000 Electric Wheelchair works well for them. This wheelchair is simple in design and will meet all the common needs of consumers. With comfortable seating and a modest design, this wheelchair is made to last throughout the years. The wheelchair is sold by Invacare Corporation, a leading and trusted manufacturer in wheelchairs and other medical products. Many consumers have had this power wheelchair for years with no major concerns.


What are Its Main Features?

The Invacare Power 9000 Electric Wheelchair measures approximately 43”x37”x21”. The frame can be easily folded to roughly thirteen inches in order to ensure ease of transportation and storage. It features full-length armrests and an adjustable back. The back seating may be adjusted from sixteen inches to twenty inches. This power wheelchair has the capacity to hold up to 250 pounds, although some have complained that going over this weight limit even by only ten pounds can cause slight malfunctioning of the motors. The wheelchair includes a MKIV-RII control system and is reviewed as being a responsive wheelchair. Since maneuverability is a vital aspect for any wheelchair, the favorable marks for smooth mobility in tight spaces helps make this a favorite power wheelchair for many.


Why This Power Wheelchair is Popular

With footrests that easily swing away and removable armrests, this wheelchair can be quickly contorted and adjusted to fit the user’s immediate needs. However, some customers have complained that the footrests bend with too much ease. The two support wheels located at the back of this wheelchair help to ensure the safety of the user by not allowing the wheelchair to fully tip backwards. If you need to disassemble this chair, it can be easily taken a part for compact storage. It is an everyday wheelchair with a top speed of 3.8 miles per hour. Longtime fans of Invacare recommend this wheelchair for the long haul.


Is Invacare a Reliable Company?

Invacare, the makers of the Power 9000 Electric Wheelchair, have been around since 1885. They are trusted for their durable products and come together around the mission to provide comfortable long-term medical products to their audience. Their name gives insight into their values as a company, with “in” standing for Innovation, “va” implicating value and “care” standing for healthcare. Their slogan is, “yes, you can”, showing their commitment to providing products that help customers through various stages in life.


As their official website states, their wheelchairs are famous for extreme maneuverability, long-lasting power and unmatched stability. They are consisting testing and developing new ways to make their users more comfortable.


A Great Electric Wheelchair

With the on-going commitment and efforts of the manufacturer, it is no wonder the Power 9000 Electric Wheelchair is the chosen option for many. With its simplistic black coloring and durable yet flexible framework, this power wheelchair will allow for a smooth ride for many years to come.

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