Golden LiteRider Power Wheelchair Review

The Golden LiteRider Personal Transport Chair (PTC) is a power wheelchair model based on their LiteRider scooter. The LiteRider PTC was designed as a super compact, rear-wheel drive power wheelchair that is reasonably priced compared to similar mobility devices. The LiteRider PTC features non-scuff, guarded tires and a stadium-sized seat with a basket underneath for storage. It also comes with an easy-to remove battery pack. The chair is marketed as a “fun way to get around your home and around town.” It is a very good entry-level power wheelchair that is streamlined and easy to use.

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The Golden LiteRider Power Transport Chair comes with a red standard tubular frame, adjustable footplate, vinyl stadium-sized seat, basket storage under the seat, non-scuff tires with hubcaps for protection and two 18AH batteries. The purchase comes with a 5-year warranty on frame and a 13-month warranty on electronics and drive train.




The Golden LiteRider Power Transport Chair comes with several optional accessories. These include the lap belt, tube for cane holder, deluxe Pack N’ Go storage, power chair cover and flag. The rear mounting bracket is required for these optional accessories: rear basket, cane holder (4 canes), walker holder and oxygen tank holder. The black vinyl seats are available in these sizes: 17″ x 16″, 18″ W x 16″ and 20″ W x 18″.




Weight Capacity: 275 lbs.

Total Weight: 114 lbs.

Base Weight: 67 lbs.

Seat Weight 22 lbs.

Length: 33″

Width: 22.5″

Turning Radius: 26″

Top Speed: Up to 3.5 MPH

Ground Clearance: 2.5″

Maximum Range: Up to 9.5 miles on one charge

Controller: PG VR-2 50 Amp

Colors: Red only




Seat Type: Black vinyl stadium-style seat

Seat Width: 17″

Seat Depth: 16″

Seat Back Height 16″

Min Seat Height: 20.5″

Max Seat Height: 21.5″




Weight: 25 lbs.

Charger Type: Off-board

Battery Type: Two 18 AH batteries in a battery pack




Front Casters: 6″

Rear Wheels: 9”

Drive: 9″ (rear)

Anti-tip: 3″






The Golden LiteRider Personal Transport Chair is modeled after the scooter version, and it is basically the rear end of the LiteRider Scooter with a seat and a joystick. Customers who reviewed the product like its rear-wheel drive and metal tube frame the most, and that it can be easily disassembled. The entire chair comes apart—the seat, battery pack and the base—and fits easily into the trunk of most cars. The size is very compact, making the LiteRider PTC ideal for tight spaces like care facilities, nursing homes, hospitals and for travelling. The price is also very competitive (expect to spend round $1000+).




Resellers and users alike don’t recommend the Golden LiteRider Personal Transport Chair if you plan to spend all day in it. One user complained that it was too small for her and that it did not cross thresholds easily. A reseller found the base too heavy even after disassembly and after removing the battery pack. This is because the wheels and motor are attached to the base. The Golden company plans to lighten the base by making these parts removable in the next release of the LiteRider PTC (around November 2012). If you really want to get the most out your money, we recommend waiting until the next release of the LiteRider PTC with the improvements.




The Golden LiteRider PTC is a great entry-level power chair that is compact, streamlined and comes with a solid rear-wheel drive. It is easy to disassemble, making it the ideal power chair to take with you on travels. Another strength of the LiteRider PTC is its price (less than $1500). The LiteRider is not recommended if you plan to stay in the chair all day or if you are maneuvering through different outdoor terrains.

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