Go Anywhere With The Pride Go Power Wheelchair

In the last several years power wheelchairs have allowed those who are wheelchair bound to have a bit more independence because they get around both inside and outside their home. However, due to the size and bulk of these wheelchairs the independence and mobility was pretty much limited to within just a couple of miles of home. However the Pride Go Power Wheelchair offers those who are wheelchair bound the ability to travel with family almost anywhere without the need for a specialized van to accommodate the chair’s bulk.


Features of The Pride Go Power Wheelchair

There are several great features to the Pride Go Power Wheelchairs. These features include:

The chair can easily be broken down into four parts so that it fits in almost any size trunk.

Twin motors provide plenty of power

flip up armrests

fully padded seat

Front basket for shopping or carrying those personal items

Chair goes 8 miles on battery charge and the battery removes easily

speeds up to 3.5 miles per hour

weight capacity 250 pounds

1 year in home service contact

5 year warranty


First Impressions

Having a chair that easily disassembles and packs up in most trunks means even more mobility for those who are are wheelchair bound. This will enable them to travel which is one of the best things about this chair. While the 3.5 mile an hour speed isn’t going to win any NASCAR races, it is plenty fast for that afternoon of shopping, or to get you around your home.

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What The Review Have To Say

While there are not a lot of reviews specifically for the Pride Go Power Wheelchair the reviews that available are extremely positive with chair earning an overall 4 out 5 stars on most review sites. Actual users love the fact that this chair makes travelling much easier than with most power wheelchairs.


Users also state that this chair is better suited to indoor use, and use on flat paved surfaces that over rough terrain. They also caution if this chair is used for rougher outside travel then the amount of miles that this chair can go on a battery charge is cut in half. However, they are quick to point out that these drawbacks are a small price to pay for the convenience of travel this chair allows.



The Pride Go Power Chair, does have some drawbacks. It only supports the weight of people 250 pounds or less, and is not ideal for travelling over rougher terrains. That being said, this chair is great for people who want to have a power wheelchair that enables them travel in a regular size car and still have their power wheelchair to get around in once they have reached their destination. The chair is extremely comfortable and is reasonably priced when compared to other power wheelchairs. Most people would be quite happy with the Pride Go power wheelchair and the independence this chair affords them.

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