Disassemble and Go with the Jazzy 1113 Power Wheelchair

There are many different electric wheelchair collections available that it can be difficult to keep track of all of them. Many people recommend a comparison chart in order to choose the best one for your personal preference. However, it seems that there are a lot of consumers who are looking for a more compact chair that can help with transportation. This is why the Jazzy 1113 Power Wheelchair was created making it easier for people to travel the world without any storage issues.


But Wait … There’s More!

When Pride decided to create the Jazzy 1113 series; they wanted to take the electric chair to another level. This is a rehabilitation model that offers many adjustable maneuvers with seating as well as a sling for maximum movement. This is convenient for those that need to exercise without having the strength to do so while standing. Whether you’re looking for a van seating style with a high or low back; this particular wheelchair offers them all. Plus, the array of electronics that are found on this model are easily programmable making it very possible to create the perfect chair for your personality. After all; no one is built the same and Pride understands that.

The ride is just as smooth with an ActiveTrac Suspension that can handle the toughest terrain. It offers a low center of gravity design that also helps with stability allowing for the smoothest ride possible. It can clear up to 3 inches of ground which helps to overcome any rocky or gravel obstacle along with a speed maximum that hits up to 4 mph. This is extremely convenient when traveling with friends that tend to walk faster than the average wheelchair. Plus, the tires are 10” pneumatic making it perfect for outdoor exploration. Regardless, the turning radius is just over 20” allowing the best control in small spaces. This is also convenient for indoor use making the Jazzy 1113 Power Wheelchair suitable for the home as well as the outdoors. And with its two motor mid-wheel drive option; it can last longer than most electric models.


Hold On; What Happened To The Transportation?

But, you can’t forget about the ease that it offers when storing for another location. For example; this wheelchair can be disassembled with ease and the largest piece only weighs 77 lbs making it extremely convenient to lift and store. In fact, the Jazzy 1113 chair is the only one out of the entire series that actually offers a disassembling option which is why it has become a favorite for many. Best of all; it is compacted in size allowing the smallest vehicle capable of carrying. This is extremely important for those that refuse to purchase a bigger van just to transport.

Of course, the driving control is a joystick located on the right of the chair for easy access and maximum maneuverability. This feature combined with its infamous intelligent braking system allows a safe and smooth ride regardless of where you might go. This is one of the main reasons why the Jazzy 1113 Power Wheelchair has risen to the top as a contender amongst other electric chairs. So, if you’ve been looking for something that allows rehabilitation features, maximum control, and portability; you have officially found it. Pride believes that your life shouldn’t be altered and clearly proves that with this new collection.

 So if the Pride Jazzy 1113 seems like the electric wheelchair for you, why not consider buying it at a discounted price below suggested retail from a power wheelchair retailer who will also give you a price matching guarantee and advice on Medicare wheelchair purchasing?