Compact Style & Convenience: The Invacare Pronto M41 power wheelchair

The Invacare Pronto M41 power wheelchair


If you feel as though you are unable to be mobile due to your wheelchair; then it’s time to make a change. Companies understand that regardless of your walking limitations; everyone should have the ability to experience life without worrying about the traveling of their electric accompaniment. Luckily; the Invacare Pronto M41 power wheelchair was created to appease those that want to explore the world without headache. But, it isn’t only the traveling benefits that makes this wheelchair a hot commodity; it’s the safety and features that has risen its ratings to the top. So, what makes this Invacare product in high demand? 


A Bolder Design


First off; Invacare has taken all of the previous complaints about electronic wheelchairs and made a product to surpass them. For instance, the design is sleek and futuristic making its mobility much quicker than its predecessors. The speed tops at 5 mph which is much better than the average and also prevents any major accidents if you lose control. Also, the battery life has been told to be amazing with the ability to last hours. And because of the twists and turns that are provided; the efficiency is highly rated with the capability of swiveling 360 degrees without much effort. All of this may sound fantastic, but many people don’t realize the extra work that went into making all of this possible.


Highlights / Features


To start; the Invacare Pronto M41 power wheelchair has six wheels instead of the typical four making the mobility extremely flexible. It also prevents tipping which is a common issue when the weight is shifted. These six wheels make it extremely easy to swivel, move, and best of all; stay balanced. As for maneuvering; this power wheelchair offers a center driving platform making it convenient for steering.


Compact Design


But, the one thing that has made this M41 power wheelchair successful is its ability to be stored and moved. The style is simple and clean looking with the option to be packed down into a small frame that is perfect for people that like to move around. The standard model is offered with a soft, fold down seat and adjustable arms perfect for weight and height. This means that regardless of your body type; the Invacare Pronto M41 power wheelchair will be the proper fit.


Self Contained Convenience


There is a 3-amp off board charger that is conveniently located on the platform itself making traveling carefree. In other words; you don’t have to fear losing battery as the transportable platform provides the charging unit for you. The weight limit is 300 lbs while the wheelchair itself weighs 110 lbs minus the platform and foot guards. But, for those that enjoy both; the total weight is 160 lbs still making it extremely sturdy and flexible. And if comfort is a priority; the van style reclining seat can make any sitting situation pleasant.




The fact remains that Invacare has taken careful consideration when creating this product. They understand that even though you may desire a power wheelchair; this shouldn’t eliminate living your life. The Invacare Pronto M41 power wheelchair makes it easy to store, travel, and use which gives you back some control. Best of all; it’s contemporary, quiet due to its soft motors, and efficient when referring to mobility. You couldn’t ask for a better product!

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