All About the Quantum Jazzy 1650 Power Wheelchair

Quantum Jazzy 1650 Power WheelchairFor those in the market for a motorized wheelchair, the Quantum Jazzy 1650 Power Wheelchair is an intriguing option. The Jazzy 1650 has numerous advantages over other models in its line, such as the Jazzy 1420 and the Jazzy 117 XL Plus. It comes with a 2 year warranty that is almost twice as long as the warranty covering the other models, giving you peace of mind when deciding to make a Quantum Jazzy 1650 Power Wheelchair purchase. The Jazzy series is also known for its mid-wheel drive design, allowing it both a high degree of maneuverability but also great durability as well.


Why the Jazzy 1650 is a Great Choice


The most immediately noticeable thing about the Quantum Jazzy 1650 Power Wheelchair is the added size and capacity that the model delivers. It can hold 150 more pounds than the other models in its line and its 32” x 28” dimensions are a significant size advantage. At the same time it has the same ground clearance and about as short of a turning radius as the other models. The Jazzy 1650 can reach as high of a top speed as the other models in its class. It is also more comfortable to sit in and has a battery range of up to 15 miles making it ideal for daily use.


The increased size and weight of the Jazzy 1650 do not necessitate a larger battery and they do not compromise maneuverability or range, giving it the best of both worlds. The rechargeable batteries and the automatic controller are features that will enhance anyone in their rehab no matter how limited their mobility. The Active-Trac Suspension allows the Jazzy to maneuver outdoors and over inclines that other power wheelchairs find difficult. No other wheelchair is better for serious rehabilitation and takes into account the specialized needs of its target demographic. It really seems that Jazzy is focused on the comfort of the customer and everything else is geared around that.


Okay. What are the Downsides?


The downsides of the Jazzy 1650 include the fact that this is a heavy-duty model and is not intended for those who need a basic wheelchair. It is ideally meant for those who have extremely compromised mobility and who can take advantage of the extra maneuverability and the extra footrest positions offered by the automatic controller, not to mention its size and speed. It’s not really worth the extra expense for all the advanced features if you are the sort of customer that doesn’t require them. Other wheelchairs can easily fill in for the Jazzy 1650 if its heavy-duty capabilities are not really needed.


A Powerful Choice in Wheelchairs


All this being said, the Jazzy 1650 is the best wheelchair on the market in its class. It has an exhaustive set of features and has the sort of comfort you can actually feel when you’re using it. Again, it’s not for everyone – and definitely is not a one size fits all. But for those customers who can really use a powerful model like the Quantum Jazzy 1650 Power Wheelchair, this is indeed a worthwhile investment. As mentioned, this model comes with a fantastic warranty – meaning that if you have any issues, Jazzy will take care of them for you.

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