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The Global Power Wheelchair Industry Report 2014

  A recent Power Wheelchair Industry Report has been released that once again reminds us that the powered wheelchair industry is a big money concern for many organizations. Although the Global Power Wheelchair Industry Report 2014 was released at the end of December 2014, it is likely offering some of the most recent analysis of the industry and bills itself as, “a professional and in-depth study on the current state of the power wheelchair industry.

The report from Research and Markets claims to provide a basic overview of the industry including many definitions, classifications, applications and listings of industry chain structures. Yes, that sounds pretty comprehensive to me. The reason I say it is a reminder of how profitable the industry is for many companies is because of the cost of the report: even a single-user pdf copy license or a single hard copy will set you back $3600 US. An enterprise license, one allowing all employees within an organization to access to the contents of the report, will set that company back  $7200 US. Obviously this material is created for and marketed to a specific industry that is willing to pay for this kind of information (and lots and lots of it). It is also a reminder of why there will continue to be a certain level of competition, diversity and choice for those in the market for a power chair since there is the potential for manufacturers to profit and profit well from the market demands. Following is a raw list of the power wheelchair manufacturers mentioned in the 2014 report:

  • Abilitycenter
  • Dong Fang
  • Etac
  • Goldentech
  • Hubang
  • Invacare
  • Kai Yang
  • Karma
  • Magicmobility
  • Merits
  • Merits Health Products
  • Miki
  • Numotion
  • Ottobock
  • Permobil
  • Powersoccershop
  • Pridemobility
  • Siemens
  • Sunrisemedical
  • Tai Si
  • Vermeiren
  • Yu Yue

That list is an eye opener of just how global wheelchair manufacturing has become in an effort to satiate world demand for this kind of mobility aid. The wreport claims to offer in-depth information on global power Wheelchair production, supply,  sales numbers, pricing, market demand among its key points of  market analysis.

This is cool: For the last few years, a company called Chiba Tech has had a wheelchair prototype that will effectively climb up steps by manipulating its wheelbase. Here is a video of the chair in action from a couple of years ago.

The Pride Jazzy Select Elite Power Wheelchair is a power chair in the Jazzy Select line. The Select Elite is designed with durability, performance and affordability in mind. The Jazzy Select Elite is a “state-of-the-art life-enhancement device” for increasing mobility of semi- or non-ambulatory individuals. It is the company’s first front-wheel drive mobility power chair with a very low turning radius. This model features a new heavy-duty armor with shroud that comes in two colors (red and blue) and controller guards for daily use. It also features a high-back seat with removable seat and back covers and a bigger foot platform. The frame is double layer and powder coated for extra durability. Pride claims that this model is one of the easiest to service, and it comes with an extended 13-month warranty. Read the rest of this entry

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